Hi, my name is Sally Beth Shore, I'm a 53 year old minister (Unitarian Universalist) and Appreciative Inquiry Practioner.  Born and raised in North Carolina, I call Asheville home.  In addition to being a minister, I've been a college instructor (environmental science), non-profit director, and small business owner.  I've lived in California, Colorado, Mali (West Africa), and the Czech Republic.  I speak French, Bambara, a little German, and I'm currently studying Spanish.  I love cycling, cooking, sewing, and generally being outside, even if I'm running.  I met my superhero husband, Michael, while serving in the Peace Corps, Mali a long time ago.  We have 3 children who have flown the coop so it's just us and the cats most of the time now. 

Why "Wonder of Each Other?"


Wonder has 2 senses:   the first is awe, amazement, the other is to be curious.  Both meanings apply to in Awe, amazement, and admiration for my fellow human beings, as well as curiosity about the people's stories (and what is so wonderful about them.)  

Increasing our capacity for wonder of other people and of ourselves is a powerful lever for both improving human society and growing personal satisfaction. I've created this blogsite to share  how this "wonder of each other" is working in the world, wonder-full stories, and practices to engage in. 

There's more....


If you are interested in my work as a minister (celebrant, preacher, workshop leader) or Appreciative Inquiry (facilitation, workshops, motivational speaking), drop me an email at